The Shoulder Girdle Muscle Group

So many of us have desk jobs or end our days with our shoulders up to our ears. TENSION !!!! I do plenty of work on these muscles for many of you. I thought it would be interesting for you to see the muscles I’m working on and when I rattle off their names during our session or pre session conversation, this is where they are !! See you on the table !!

Visual Muscles: Lower Back & Glutes

I love working the gluteal muscles. The Piriformis is included in the work I do in this region and often related to sciatica because the sciatic nerve runs under it. Take a look at the muscles I’ll be massaging during this work for you. See you on the table to keep you pain free and mobile !

Abdominal, Upper Arm & Chest Muscles – Quick Overview

I like to share a little about these muscles with my clients as they are important to massage and do work on. This comes into play for myofascial work for Thoracic Hyperkyphosis and other myofascial work done on the dorsal side of the body. The abdominal muscles are the antagonists and often become shortened so they need to be lengthened just as the erector or other dorsal side muscles are being worked on and released. Keeping you pain free and mobile !

Forearm & Hand Muscle Groups

From time to time you will see me post videos like this. A well trained massage therapist will always review the basics. Where the muscles originate and attach to. They review the functions of these muscles and ask you what daily activities you do and what extracurricular activities you do. It gives us an idea as to how the muscle was being used when the pain started. Stay educated with me and then schedule your appointment online we can get rid of that discomfort and get you mobile again.