• Contraindications of Massage

    Contraindications of Massage

    Is massage ok for you? Click this link: Contraindications of Massage (PDF) to see if you should wait or obtain a physician's clearance before you schedule an appointment. Above image designed by creativeart / Freepik

  • What is a Retinaculum?

    What is a Retinaculum?

    Not all massage therapists think about these structures when doing myofascial work during your session. However, because of the top notch training I received and instructors who showed us exactly how to work these structures, you can feel confident it will be included in your [...]

  • Muscle Education Videos

    Muscle Education Videos

    The Shoulder Girdle Muscle Group So many of us have desk jobs or end our days with our shoulders up to our ears. TENSION !!!! I do plenty of work on these muscles for many of you. I thought it would be interesting for you [...]

Thai Massage Videos

Thai massage. Something that combines stretching, muscle work, and relaxation all in one session. It [...]

Forward Head Pressure

When I turn my clients face up/supine, and address lateral neck pain with myofascial release, [...]

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